Limited Collections

In mid 2016 I came up with the idea for gemstone included resin earrings. Due to the additional care and precision it takes to craft each one of a kind piece, these items are only released in limited edition batches which I announce only through my Instagram and Facebook pages. They can only be made a few at a time, and very difficult to repeat. Since then, I've done updates for these specialty items every few weeks and they usually sell out (or mostly sell out) within minutes to an hour of being released. These items are only sold on my website, and not available elsewhere!

In addition to the Gemstone Collection, I now make Ring Cones and other items which are small batch, OOAK or few of a kind items that are only sold via my website updates. While I don't take custom orders or reserve items, I do take suggestions for future inspiration on my social media pages! You can follow my work here (Instagram and Facebook) to follow along and see when my next update will be.

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