Frequently Asked Questions AND POLICIES

Please review the FAQ and policies below before ordering. Most of the questions that I get are answered here.

Site Updates/Limited Collection Items

Gemstone Collection jewelry, Ring Cones, and other specialty items or colors are updated every few weeks in new batches. Please be aware that most items sell out within minutes, and be prepared to order accordingly! I announce specific dates and times for all of my updates on my social media pages, so if you are interested in these items please follow my Instagram and Facebook.

I do not take custom orders, and I often don't repeat previous designs. I do however ask for suggestions on what to make next very often on my social media pages so that I can make what you'd like to buy! :)

About the Jewelry

What is your jewelry made out of?
My jewelry is made out of resin, which is a two part epoxy medium. It is has a very hard, glossy surface, once cured, though it starts out as a liquid medium. My technique involves several pours, cure times, and a lot of sanding. I also use glitter, gold and silver leaf, and pigments in my resin. The posts on the post earrings are all sterling silver, and all ear wires, chains, and other findings are either sterling silver or 14 karat gold filled.

Is it lightweight?
Resin is incredibly lightweight. You don’t even feel them!

Is it nickel free?
Yes! I only use high quality nickel free sterling silver and 14 karat gold filled findings, so you will not have any issues with sensitive ears!

Why don’t the backs look like the fronts?
Well, they are called backs for a reason! My technique does not allow for each side to look the same, it is actually quite impossible with how my jewelry is made. The backs of the earrings are instead sanded smooth, and finished with a high shine gloss.

Will you tell me how to make your jewelry?
Nope! Sorry! I am self taught and have refined my jewelry and techniques through much learning, trial and error. It is actually very disrespectful to the artist to ask how to make or copy their designs.

Limited Edition Items - Gemstone Jewelry, Ring Cones, Fine Silver Studs and Rings

What kind of gems are in your pieces?
All kinds! I order a variety of different types and quality pieces, from tumbled, rough, or faceted. That's what keeps it interesting and fun! They are all genuine gemstones. Prices of each piece will vary according to the gemstones inside.

Your gemstone collection is all sold out! How can I order a piece?
This line of jewelry is brand new and goes VERY quickly once it is listed. I update this collection once every few weeks as I can get more made. Each collection will have new jewelry in it, and some will be repeats from old collections. It is best to purchase a piece immediately as I may not be able to make the piece again and I cannot take custom orders for this line. Pieces go VERY quickly - some within a few minutes and most within an hour. Please check my Instagram and Facebook  pages to find out when my updates will be. Sold out items are not available for purchase.

How can I order a ring cone? I don't see any on your website.
Ring cones are a very new part of my business. I am making more and they will be sold via updates, just like my gemstone items. Feel free to send me a message or pop on Instagram and let me know what colors you like or want to buy and I will do my best to make them available as soon as I can! 
If you'd like a ring cone for your own jewelry business on Instagram or your website, or you are a bridal photographer or stylish, please contact me for custom ring cone information. 

When can I buy your fine silver earrings?
These items are only made a few times per year and go super quickly. I announce on my Instagram and Facebook  pages when I have more or will have more available. Please keep an eye out for these posts as it's the only time to get them, and they go very quickly.

Ordering Information

Can I get multiple pairs of an earring made for my bridesmaids?
Unfortunately I can no longer fill custom orders, due to the increasing demand of my specialty, limited edition pieces. If you see an item from my Staple Collection that does not have the quantity you need for your bridal party, please just email me at or send me a message and I will update it for you asap! I do however do custom orders for bridesmaids of over 5 pairs, depending on the order!

I want two pairs of one earring. How can I buy them?
Please just send me a message here and I will add another for you in the quantity (as long as I have them available!).

I lost an earring - can I buy just one?
Earrings are paired up as they are made, so unfortunately I cannot sell a single earring.

What size should I get/what do they look like on?
Please see this page for images showing how each size looks on the ear. I do not have a size guide for some newer styles yet.

Can you make something in a certain color?
I can no longer take custom orders. It takes a lot of time to stock my staple collection, and when I'm not doing that, I'm making limited edition pieces and gemstone pieces which are sold during my store updates. These items are very time consuming, detailed work. I do take custom orders for bridesmaids sets of 4+ pairs of earrings at times, depending on the order details, turnaround time, and current workload.

The item I want is sold out! Will it be available again?
My staple items are constantly stocked, and should not sell out (if they do, they will be back soon!). Items from my limited edition pieces and gemstone collection do sell out almost immediately -most times within minutes. These items are all limited edition, and will likely not be made again. I do sometimes make similar items in future updates, but it's never a guarantee! I can never make these items as custom orders. :)

This order is a gift, can you gift wrap and include a note?
I do not currently offer gift wrapping, but I'd be happy to include a note! Just write what you would like the note to say in the note section of your order at checkout.

Do you offer discounts?
Because each piece is hand crafted and quite time consuming, I do not offer discounts for multiple items, or discounts upon request. Follow my Instagram and Facebook, as I often have flash sales or discounts there!

Care Instructions

How should I take care of my jewelry?
Mostly, just use common sense. Take the earrings off while in the pool, the ocean, or the shower. You should also take them off while sleeping if you want them to stay in the best condition. Do not have them in while blow drying your hair or heat styling. High levels of heat can melt your earrings. Store them in the box they came in, or a jewelry box, to keep earrings from tarnishing or discoloring. Wipe them down with a clean cloth or jewelry cloth. For a little more thorough cleaning, use Dawn dish soap, warm water, and a clean, soft cloth. Air dry or wipe with a clean towel or cloth. That's about it!

If any pieces should need repair, they can be sent back to me within 3 months of purchase for a free repair. A care card is sent out with each order and should be followed in order to keep your pieces looking brand new. If you do choose to wear your post earrings at all times and not remove them for showering, swimming, or sleeping, or need to be repaired after 3 months of receipt, a $5 repair cost and return shipment cost will apply. Returned earrings MUST be cleaned prior to repair.
For items other than glued post earrings, repairs are made on a case by case basis. A $5 repair charge and return shipping cost will apply as well as the cost of any additional materials (such as a replacement chain), if necessary.
Please contact me before for repair shipping instructions and approval.

Shipping/Return Policy

How long should my item take to arrive?
I usually place your package in the mail very quickly. Typically it will be mailed 1-3 business days after your order is placed. Please note, packages will take a little longer to ship during the holidays (just a few days!). If I am running a flash sale, blog giveaway, or you order ordering during the holidays, I may need a few extra days to ship your order. Please contact me prior to ordering if you need something quickly.
For domestic shipping (orders within the USA), First Class packages normally take about 2-5 business days to arrive after they are shipped. Though that is the typical ship time, some packages do take longer and can take up to two weeks to arrive.
Priority Mail is a more reliable option if you are in a hurry. It typically takes 2-3 business days for your package to arrive, but like First Class, can take longer in rare instances.
International orders can take anywhere from a few days to over a month (and sometimes, months) to arrive. Your package may be chosen at random by the customs office in your country and this will cause the longer wait.

You ship everywhere, what if something happens to my package (international orders only)?
International orders generally can take longer to arrive, and may be held or returned by your country's customs office. For these reasons, you are ordering at your own risk. I cannot replace or refund orders which have been taken by customs, returned to me, or not delivered to international countries for any other reason. I keep my shipping options open to be fair to everyone but I cannot accept the responsibility of a lost or returned package once it has been properly mailed by me. These situations are unfortunately out of my control. If you are ordering from a country other than the USA, it is at your own risk. That being said, 99.9% of international packages make it to their destination without a problem, and I do my part to make sure they are packed securely and properly. 

Why did I have to pay extra to receive my package (international only)?
Some countries have taxes on imported items, and you will have to pay these customs fees in order to receive your package. It is very important to know your country’s customs fees and levies when ordering. This has nothing to do with me and is not something I can tell you in advance since all countries have very different customs fees. Please look into your country's customs laws and fees before ordering if you have any concerns.

Do you accept returns?
I do not accept returns, unless an item is damaged or defective by fault of my own or in transit. I cannot be responsible for wrong addresses or USPS issues. Item descriptions and photos should be looked at carefully to note size, materials, and small variations in each pair of handmade earrings before purchasing. Although jewelry is not defective, please note it is handmade and will not look manufactured by a machine, so little *slight* imperfections are part of the charm!
Exchanges within 14 days of receipt for an unworn, new condition item of equal or lesser value are possible if the item for some reason does not meet your expectations. After 14 days, exchanges cannot be honored. In order to exchange an item, please contact me to discuss which item you would like in exchange prior to returning. The buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs and insuring the item, and your new item will be sent out once the original item is received in new, unworn condition, and shipping is paid. If exchange shipping and/or price adjustments are not paid within 14 days of item's arrival, the returned item(s) will be considered forfeited and no refund or replacement will be offered.
If an item is damaged or defective please contact me immediately for a replacement or a refund.
Items cannot be repaired, replaced, or refunded if care instructions are not followed.
Gemstone pieces and ring cones are final sale.
Prior notification is required for either a return of a damaged or defective item or an exchange. Items that are returned without prior contact cannot be refunded and will not be accepted. Please also note returns will not be accepted for any reason besides the above stated, including not wanting to pay customs fees, or USPS shipping times being a little longer than what they state. 

Wholesale Requests

Do you take wholesale orders?
Yes! This is a large part of my business. Please contact me via my wholesale form and I will send you ordering information. You can also just go directly to my wholesale page to view wholesale policies. My line sheet is available to wholesale customers who contact me directly for password and discount information. Wholesale may not be available close to and during the holiday season. Specialty items such as gemstone jewelry, ring cones, and fine silver posts are not available for wholesale.

Your jewelry will arrived in a pretty little gift box!

Your jewelry will arrived in a pretty little gift box!