About Tiny Galaxies

Sara, the owner and creator of Tiny Galaxies

Sara, the owner and creator of Tiny Galaxies

Hi! I’m Sara, the face and ‘brain’ behind Tiny Galaxies jewelry. My adventure in resin jewelry began in 2010 when I was looking for a creative outlet after my day job as a graphic artist. I have always had many interests in arts and crafts, began painting at a young age, and would look for any reason to create something. Although I did enjoy aspects of my day job, I wanted to pursue something that would be more relaxing and allow me to control my own creations, without input from a boss or clients. Though painting was something that I did often, it took a while to complete a piece and I did not always have the patience for it. Jewelry has been a love of mine since childhood. I, like many other little girls made beaded bracelets and embroidery floss designs. As a young girl I would sell these things to my friends. Little did I know that eventually my day job would be something similar, though a bit more complex and refined!

I did not want to make something that just anyone could create. I wanted my pieces to be original and exclusively made by me, starting from the bones of the piece to the finishings. I stumbled upon resin as a medium and realized that it might have a lot of potential. Resin is a two part liquid medium, which is composed of epoxy and hardener. The parts must be exactly equal or it will end in a gooey mess. The flexibility of this medium to create any shape I desired was enticing and something that I really thought I could make my own. I researched techniques but eventually, through experimentation, trial and error, and happy accidents stumbled upon my own unique style and process. I added glitter, and eventually would add gold and silver leaf to my designs. Each time I came up with something new I would thoroughly research the market to be sure that no one was already creating something similar to my jewelry. At this time, as far as I could tell my jewelry designs were completely unique. I create my own molds, form my own earwires, and craft each piece by hand. This method of creating is very important to me.

My pieces are all crafted by hand in my home studio, with my four cats supervising! They are self appointed bosses who make sure that each piece is perfect. Each piece is made in a multiple step process, which includes hand mixing each color of resin, meticulously placing gold leaf, silver leaf, or pieces of glitter, sanding multiple times, glazing, and forming ear wires by hand. Though I make my designs in batches and the same colors, over and over again, each pair will be slightly unique. All of the metal used in my jewelry is high quality sterling silver or 14 karat gold filled, nickel free, and safe for the most sensitive ears. I also enjoy working with brides to create a bridesmaid set for their special day!

I have sold over 10,000 pieces since I established my business in 2010. Since the birth of my business, many have tried to replicate my glitter stud earrings. I am confident that no one else was making these when I first started out! I pride myself on originality. In 2016, I introduced my gemstone earrings - earrings made with various teeny tiny rough gemstones! They require serious attention to detail and a lot of time, and are released as limited edition pieces every few weeks via website updates announced on my social media pages.

Wholesale is also a large part of my business and Tiny Galaxies are sold in stores across the country. Tiny Galaxies is now my morning, afternoon, evening, and night job. I work full time creating pretty little earrings and necklaces, and hope that you feel special wearing them!

From top left to bottom right: Stella, Gus, Zeke, and Jan

From top left to bottom right: Stella, Gus, Zeke, and Jan

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Dala Bird, Northfield, MA
Earth and Wears, Dallas, PA
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Fragile Glass Studio, Kenora, ON, Canada
The Gaslamp Gift Gallery, Ormond Beach, Florida
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Hazel Boutique, Belmar & Ramsey, New Jersey
Historic Bethlehem Museum, Bethlehem, PA

Jill Pitt Lash Extentions, Walkerton, Canada
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Magpie Industries, Somerville, MA
MUSE, Warren, RI
Period Sixe Studio, Golden, CO

Primp, North Bay, Canada
tart, Bozeman, MT
Terra Verde, Colorado Springs, CO
Wake Foot Sanctuary, Asheville, NC

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Also, featured in Bead Style Magazine January 2016 issue as the 'Rising Star'!