Wholesale at Tiny Galaxies

If you made it this far, thank you so much! I truly appreciate your interest in wholesaling with me. Before I give you a quick rundown of how I wholesale, I want to list are a few important policies and things to note.

First Order Minimum
Repeat Buyer Minimum
Please note that the order must come to these totals AFTER the discount is applied, and does not include shipping charges.
Order Will Ship
In approximately 3-4 weeks, less if I'm not super busy! Very large orders may take longer, and any orders that do not fall under these lead times will be notified after the order is placed via email. Current lead time for most orders is about 2-4 weeks! (Large orders may take an extra week)
*I can only wholesale the items on my line sheet, not other items from my website.*
Priority Mail + insurance. Please select Priority Shipping at checkout! Canadian customers: please select First Class International. Any major overages will be refunded.
* Holidays *
Please order by October 15th to ensure your order will be shipped by November 20th! All orders will take about 2-4 weeks so account for that when planning your order! I will try to keep wholesale open right up until Christmas but selection may be limited as it gets more hectic. :)

Outside of the USA?
Possibly! Please send me a message first. 
Payments Accepted
Paypal and credit card (same as my regular checkout)
Password and Discount code
Provided via contact here or sara@tinygalaxies.com

I know that many of you are super busy, but please take a minute to quickly read how exactly I do wholesale so that you have an understanding of my process. It will help you understand how my line sheet works and why I cannot deviate from it. It will also save you time in the future!

I work with resin which is a two part liquid medium. Resin cannot be made in super tiny batches, because it will never be the exact right ratio and therefore, won't cure properly. Because of this, all of my items are made in batches of about 15-25 pairs of earrings at a time.

At any given point, I am stocking another pair of individual earrings and making a large batch of them. This is how I stock my inventory, and what allows me to wholesale. I do not make each item to order, but rather keep a finished or partially finished stock in constant process in order to fill your orders. For this reason, I can't deviate from my line sheet to fill wholesale orders. As you might imagine, I have a lot of batches of earrings on my plate. While it may look like I can easily make 3 pairs of whatever earring it is that you'd like, unfortunately that would mean I'd have to make a ton of that earring, not just a few. Keeping my line sheet manageable is what keeps my wholesale/discounted prices possible!

My line sheet consists of approximately 20 different items at any give time. A few items on the line sheet are staples. Some are seasonal. Something might disappear and reappear if I need to restock. But all are dainty, glittery, sparkly earrings that I hope your customers will love! I am always welcome to suggestions or styles that you'd like me to add, but please note that it may not be possible depending on the item. At this time, I cannot wholesale gemstone collection items, ring cones, or limited edition pieces (I can't even keep them in stock to retail!).

Thank you so much for taking the time to understand how this works! If you would like to place an order, please order via the link below.

Please be sure to order the correct minimum and to select Priority Shipping at checkout. If your order does not meet the $175 first time minimum or $150 minimum your order will be cancelled.