mystery earrings

This listing is for a pair of surprise earrings for approximately 30%-60% off of its original price.

The catch? You won't know what you're getting until they arrive!

I created this listing for three reasons. The first is that I often end up with one or two pairs of earrings, after making custom orders, or just experimenting. From a business and time management standpoint it just does not make sense to spend hours photographing each pair and listing them if there are not multiples. Secondly, it's fun to receive a surprise! Third, it can be overwhelming to choose a pair (so I've heard ;), so I will do the choosing for you!

What you get:

  • ONE pair of earrings. These might be teardrop earrings, large drop earrings, triangle earrings, small triangle, various shaped post earrings, etc. They may be glitter, or gold or silver leaf. Please use the photo for example reference only. You may receive a silver or a gold pair. All earrings will be either sterling silver or 14 karat gold fill.
  • These are not defective, or lower quality in any way.
  • If you are dead set against something (ex - you hate gold, you don't like brown, you never wear drop earrings, you don't like silver leaf, etc) feel free to send me a message with your order about it. Please note that I will try to send you something that I think you will like, but it is not a guarantee. My inventory is constantly changing and I may only have certain pairs for this listing, which may not fit your criteria. I can't fill specific needs with this listing so keep in mind that I can not take multiple requests into account and there is always a chance that you might not love the pair I pick for you, based on some personal preference.
  • This listing will only be available when I have enough supply. It will pop up *mysteriously!*. Also, one per person at a time!
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