amethyst amethyst

I've always loved purple, I think it's because my birthstone is an amethyst. Below are some new post earrings in a variety of purples, though there are plenty of other colors available and coming soon in the shop.

After a lot of consideration, I've decided to make my post earrings in a new way. Back when I first started my shop on Etsy, there weren't any other teeny glitter post earrings out there. Now, they are everywhere, and they are made in a different way than mine and often cheaper. Many of the shops that make them are still very inexperienced and small, and I'm guessing that they don't consider many things when pricing their earrings (like cost of material/labor/expenses/fees/wholesale) OR pay taxes, and probably don't make much if any of a profit. I feel like that might make me sound like I make a huge profit, and trust me, I don't! This is how I make a living, therefore I obviously need to make some kind of profit. My original globes were made much differently than the copycats, which are made with polymer clay. I've always only used resin. The process of making the original globes is time consuming, and though I love how they look, I can't complete with the prices of the others or offer them for wholesale. I've decided to revamp how I make them to take less time and allow me to make them in larger batches, keeping their prices slightly lower and allowing me to offer them for wholesale. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I'm building up my stock and testing out colors right now in my Etsy shop first.

The original globes will still always be available as a custom order, and I'll keep them around until I run out. I may keep them permanently in a few colors, but I haven't decided yet. I have never seen anything exactly like them on Etsy, or elsewhere, and they will always hold a special place in my heart. The new (non-globe) posts are below. They are available in both 8mm and 5mm sizes, just like the globe earrings.

IMG_1932 IMG_1607IMG_1954IMG_1963IMG_1217 IMG_1262