I've been super busy the last few days reshooting everything for both of my shops (and I mean, literally everything). My sticker and tag supply shop is done, and looks pretty good I think. I couldn't be much happier with the photos, especially considering I really struggled with photographing my jewelry for years. My jewelry shop is coming along as well and I'm probably about 65% there. I am taking a different approach to photographing my jewelry now. It all happened by accident, after I began shooting my stationary items. About a year ago I really wanted some nice head on shots of my earrings. The detail shots are nice, but they don't give as good of an idea of what the jewelry will look like in person as the head on shots. I struggled with it last year, mostly using my light box, and eventually gave up. This time around, I tried using natural lighting in my living room and my sofa table that I painted with a chalk paint as the surface to shoot on. I'm so pleased with how the head on shots came out, and although I can't do my post earrings that way, I'm still using the same location to shoot them so it's consistent with the danglies, and I'm trying to give them more perspective by shooting them with more white space in the shot.

You can see what I'm talking about below. I HOPE they are nice, I always end up second guessing myself when it comes to things like this.



The cats like to be 'involved' when I'm working. By that, I mean sitting on what I'm trying to photograph, bopping it, that kind of thing. I did get some pretty photos of them in the midst of it though. These two are real trouble makers. The other two are a bit older and like to keep to themselves more (aka staying out of the way of the tiny crazy cats). I'm going to have to get some good shots of them soon, because they are also my babies!