I have a secret...

I have a new shop! It's almost two months old now, and I'm just getting to post about it. When I was making packaging for Tiny Galaxies, a thought popped into my head, that... maybe... I'll make fun packaging for other shops, too. I shoved it into the back of my mind for awhile until one day, I mentioned it to my boyfriend. His reaction was a positive one, and ever since then I just had to do it. I've been focusing on stickers and tags, particularly for other shops, party and wedding stickers, as well as plenty of fun stickers for anyone to use and gift tags that you can use to spruce up your wrapping. Below are just a few of the many things I've made in the past two months. I'm so pleasantly surprised at the reception I've had so far and I can't wait to make more things! Jewelry is still my priority, but it's fun to have something else to make as well.




IMG_4717 2